Home Inspections

ABI-Inspection-ReportAdvanced Building Inspections are Ashi Certified Home Inspectors.  An A.B.I home inspection includes a comprehensive written report summarizing the findings of the inspection. Our reports include estimated repair cost of defects. All Inspections are performed by either Ed Pipino or Ken Lloyd the company's owners and exceed both State and ASHI Standards. Ken and Ed have over twenty-five years of construction & inspection experience and have performed thousands of home inspections since starting ABI in 1989.

Did you know that ABI can also perform a four point inspection and  home inspections start at $295?

ABI Home Inspections report findings on the following:

Including foundation, framing, floor structure, wall structure, ceiling structure and roof structure.
Including exterior doors, decks, balconies, steps, porches, railings, eaves, soffits, fascias, grading, surface drainage, irrigation systems, entryway walkways, patios, driveways, pools, docks and seawalls.
Including roofing materials, roof drainage systems, flashing, skylights, chimneys, and roof penetrations.
Including interior water supply and distribution systems, all fixtures and faucets, drain, waste, and vent systems, water heating equipment and hot water supply system, flues, chimneys, fuel storage and fuel distribution systems, drainage sumps, sump pumps, and related piping.
Including the service drop, service entrance conductors, cables, raceways, service equipment, main disconnects, service grounding, interior components of service panels and sub panels, conductors, overcurrent protection devices, lighting fixtures, switches, receptacles and ground fault circuit interrupters.
Including heating equipment, vent systems, flues and chimneys.
air conditioning
central and through-wall equipment and distribution systems.
Including walls, ceilings, floors, steps, stairways, railings, doors, windows, garage doors and garage door operators.
insulation & ventilation
Including insulation and vapor retarders in unfinished spaces, mechanical ventilation systems, ventilation of attics and foundation areas.
Including system components, chimney and vents.
Kitchen Appliances
Including proper installation and working order.
life expectancies
Estimates of life expectancies of major items & systems.
Repair cost estimates for defects.
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