Roofing Consultations

roofing-consultationsAdvanced Building Inspections provides roofing consulations to condo associations and entities with multiple roof projects. Our customized system will help to successfully guide you through the process of repair/replacement of your current roofing system.

Part One: Inspection and Core Sampling

  • Visual, non destructive inspection of the roofing system
  • Written report including a list of recommended maintenance and repairs, sketches of the roofs indicating the areas of concern and estimates of the remaining life expectancies of each roof
  • Provide samples from each of the buildings with built-up roofing, 

Part Two: Project Manual

  • Meeting with representatives to determine an appropriate roofing system and process.
  • Preparation of the Project Manual that will include roofing replacement specifications, job site conditions and necessary requirements.
  • Distribution on invitations to bid the project, including project manual to roofing contractors.
  • An on-site pre-bid meeting with bidding contractors.
  • Meeting with representatives to provide assistance regarding the choice of a contractor for roofing replacement.

Part Three: Inspections

  • Ongoing inspections of the roofing replacement during construction and punch list phases.
  • Inspections would be for the purpose of determining compliance with applicable codes, contract documents and normal industry standards.
  • Preparation of a summary report of the roofing installation and intrerim reports if needed.