Multi-Tenant Properties

multi-tenant-inspectionsInspections of multi-tenant properties can vary widely in both scope and cost. A complete inspection of a multi-tenant building is possible and can be done. However, and inspection of every detail in this type of building is very time consuming and correspondingly expensive. On the other end of the spectrum is a cursory inspection of the property. This type of inspection is inexpensive but can fail to discover costly problems with the building.

Typically, most prudent investors desire an inspection that strikes a balance between these two types of inspections. Although Advanced Building Inspections can perform any type of inspection that is desired, we recommend the most prudent approach. This type of inspection would include a complete and detailed inspection and report on the structure, roofing, electrical service, common areas and exterior. A representative sampling of air conditioning / heating, plumbing, electrical system and unit interiors would be also be inspected. We also provide estimates of repair costs and the life expectancies of major items and systems.

Your inspection will be performed by either Ed Pipino or Ken Lloyd, the company’s owners. Ed and Ken are both experienced experts who have performed hundreds of commercial property inspections.